Message from the President

Rudie Frederick B. Mendiola, MD

2015 is the year that the Philippine Society of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (PSREI) turns a new leaf. Through a referendum held last year the body has decided to make us known as the Philippine Society of Reproductive Medicine (PSRM). Reproductive medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis and management of reproductive problems. As well as, improving or maintaining reproductive health and allowing couples to plan their family at a time of their choosing.We are currently in the process of going through the legal measures required for this change to take effect. In relation to this, a contest will be held to come up with the new logo for our new name. This contest will be open to all fellows of the PSREI. We hope that all legal matters will be settled before our midyear convention.

Like the past two midyear conventions, wherein we focused on only one disease entity, this year our midyear will cover different aspects of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB). In this approach we are able to present the basics of the disease, diagnosis, management and prevention of complications in a more unified way. This gives the attendees a clearer grasp of the topic and allows them to provide appropriate treatment to their patients.

After reviewing and updating our lectures, our society will continue with our CME caravan to the different regions outside of Manila. In addition, this year I would like to bring our society closer to the people that we care for. I am planning a series of lay lectures to different key areas of our country. This project is meant to educate the common person to the different illness that are related to their reproductive health and to educate them that certain conditions need to be seen by highly trained specialists in the field of reproductive medicine. This will empower them to seek appropriate treatment from the right doctors at the first instance.

In line with our commitment to cultivate a research-oriented society, a research grant will be awarded to a fellow who has a research paper presentation in any foreign congress.

To augment the ongoing medical education of our fellows-in-training and any interested fellow, a workshop in semen preparation for intrauterine insemination and a lecture in techniques in doing IUI will be slated in the first quarter of the year.

Lastly, our annual convention will be in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction (ASPIRE). This three-day event will feature an excellent scientific program with a faculty of local and foreign experts in the field of reproductive medicine. We are eyeing an increase in foreign participation by inviting neighboring countries.

I enjoin everyone to participate in all our activities as we open the doors of our society to the Filipino people and to the world.

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